Looking for My Great-Uncle Leopold Müller

Off and on over the past ten years I have searched for information about my great-uncle Leopold Müller, who was deported from his home in Bad Kissingen, Germany and murdered in Poland in 1942.  I chronicled some of this quest at my old solo blog, Is That Legal?

That blog is now defunct, but some of the relevant posts are archived here:

Yom Hashoah 2005

My Great-Uncle Whispers To Us From Beyond The Grave He Never Got

An Open Letter to the Members of the Institute for Political and International Studies of the Foreign Ministry of Iran

A Spring Evening, Bad Kissingen, 1936

“And How Was The Weather In Łodź?”

Uncle Leo’s Medals

Uncle Leo’s Medals: An Astonished Update

Uncle Leo’s Kennkarte, Sixty-Five Years Later


2 thoughts on “Looking for My Great-Uncle Leopold Müller

  1. Peter Schubert

    Good luck, Eric!

    It really sounds like a mission impossible, but then and again long forgotten film-copies do pop up….

    I salute you for trying to come up with information on Leopold Müller.


    Peter Schubert
    German Journalist in LA

  2. Elizabeth Levy

    Dear Eric,
    I read your article and I can totally understand all the emotions you experienced through your story. Thanks for sharing it. I do however want to point out that this is a rare situation as I have never heard of this happening in my 25 years of family research in Germany. Sorry it happened to you.
    I was particulary surprised to see that you are researching family in Bad Kissingen and that you are in CH, NC. My family is also from Bad Kissingen and I grew up in Chapel Hill. (Today I live in Israel.) Small world.
    Anyway, I have wonderful contacts in Bad Kissingen with dedicated, honest people who would surely be happy to help in any way they can. Please contact me directly by email and I will help put you in touch.


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